6 Feet of Misplacement Equals Miles of Extra Movement

In a food service establishment, movement is a key factor to profit or loss. Food service design should follow ergonomic and layout examples from the manufacturing industry. Chefs move to and from storage and preparation areas. Servers move thru multiple areas in the kitchen and have many stops along the way to the dining area. Read more about 6 Feet of Misplacement Equals Miles of Extra Movement[…]

Discover Hidden Leaks

Business isn’t perfect. Our customers’ values change over time, and are the first of many variables. It’s important to resolve inefficiencies in business planning, development and operation; in relation to each other, and to those changing values. Limitations lie in the communication and changeover among these different phases. How do we catch the gaps between Read more about Discover Hidden Leaks[…]

Kitchen Design – A Chef’s View

Before starting my culinary career, I took drafting in high school. Combining technical aspects, artistry, and the creation of brand-new things appealed to me. What happens next would forever tie these two passions together. I worked for three restaurateurs when they opened a restaurant called Trio, in Charlotte, NC. One of the owners was an Read more about Kitchen Design – A Chef’s View[…]