June 15, 2015

Mitigating Risk

“Risk is a combination of the probability and impact of a hazardous event.”

Reduce Risk
Our Pledge – To keep safety above all other considerations, safeguarding our most valuable resources.

Executives understand that risk is unavoidable. Reducing the probability and impact of hazards is the best we can do. An ultra-safe design reduces that threat.

Physical Safety

Reducing injury claims and lost-time should be the goal of every corporation. Eliminate design flaws and inefficiencies that hinder work flow and allow dangerous physical conditions. Ensure teammates go home safely and reduce the financial impact of injuries over time. Create your food service design with a minimum standard that OSHA© outlines.

Food Safety

Poor design can negatively impact the quality and safety of food product. Designing for temperature conditions, cross-contamination and time exposure are just a few areas where subject matter experts can benefit. High-risk populations within healthcare and other venues need extra levels of security. Consider HACCP standards to be the minimum.