June 15, 2015


Done well, ergonomic design can increase efficiency, motivation and satisfaction with benefits in performance and productivity.

Efficiency Man
Check out this post and see how 6 feet equals 700 miles.

Ergonomics starts with design. To fully implement efficiency, there are several key factors that must be taken into account:

• Optimally locating each aspect of food service: guest dining areas, kitchen(s), server stations, dish/utility stations and storage areas.

• Locating needed areas for each position (cook, server) in proximity to other areas specific to them.

• Understanding administrative spaces, POS (Point of Sale) locations, office placement and vendor interaction.

• Incorporating food service requirements into other facility functions. I.e. receiving docks, refuse collection and venue specific areas.

Food service interacts with every aspect of a facility. Whether it’s within a hospital, stadium, school or resort, a food service expert understands relationships with key personnel and areas specific to the location.