6 Feet of Misplacement Equals Miles of Extra Movement


In a food service establishment, movement is a key factor to profit or loss. Food service design should follow ergonomic and layout examples from the manufacturing industry. Chefs move to and from storage and preparation areas. Servers move thru multiple areas in the kitchen and have many stops along the way to the dining area. Within the kitchen, the placement of areas such as the office, hot-line and clean-up must be located optimally. Both the kitchen and dining areas must be in close proximity to the server areas. These thought-out processes in a food service design increases safety, efficiency and profitability year over year.

In a restaurant with 10 servers, see how quickly 6 feet can add up to 2 miles a day, 60 miles each month and over 740 miles per year.

What’s the most inefficient kitchen design you’ve encountered? Tell us your story.

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