Advanced Designs for
Integrated Food Service

For design executives, we translate the long term financial impact of food service design.

Using IPD, we reduce design and construction costs, while increasing operational value. We collaborate with your architects to create safe and efficient designs, with a guaranteed return on investment.
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Efficiency Solutions

The physical locations of essential areas should complement each other. A mere six feet of misplacement can equal miles of extra walking every day and interfere with other operations.

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Risk Management

Ensure the security of both personnel and product. Eliminate design flaws and inefficiencies that hinder work flow and allow dangerous physical and food safety conditions.

Go to Collaboration Experts

Collaboration Experts

As subject matter experts, we provide design executives with brilliant food service strategy. Thru integrated project delivery, we promote economies of scale, far beyond the scope of the project.

Long Term Financial Gain

Thru operational knowledge, we excel at safe and ultra-efficient food service designs.
There’s a need for the practical experience of cooking inside a commercial kitchen.

Whether you’re an investor, a design executive or an operator, the need for efficiency is a language spoken by all. There is always room for improvement; in the business plan, the sale or lease negotiations, and the design and operation.

True efficiency comes from observation and the ability to translate the needs of each role. One particular discipline cannot find gaps in every area. Using industry knowledge, we provide that experience and insight.

Executives understand that risk is unavoidable. A strong focus on safety reduces that threat. Human and financial factors benefit from an ultra-safe design.

An authority that excels at food service design is a key contributor to integrated project delivery. This team interaction ensures savings for key stakeholders and a great communication process.

  • Reducing movement by optimizing square footage has year over year financial benefits.

  • Reduce injury claims, lost-time and minimize food-borne illness for the lifetime of the establishment.

  • A food-service authority highlights operational criteria, translating it to the development and design teams.

  • CKD quantifies the savings in our designs. Highlighting economies of scale, it’s easy to ‘find our fee’ and guarantee a positive ROI.

A Word From the Designer

“As an administrative and operational authority, I realized that a facility's design often had flaws that created financial loss. The design frequently requires improvement, but once built, it’s impossible to correct the layout and flow of an operation. Now, I work directly with hospitality leaders and design firms to create highly efficient and safe operations. Exceptional food service design promotes economies of scale, maximizes financial gain and diminishes risk.” – Chef Aaron

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